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David Beckham’s Driving a Prius Now?!

Beckham, you’re killing us! David Beckham was spotted driving a Toyota Prius in Los Angeles recently and the only “Beckham” thing about the car is that it happens to be black. If he wants something eco friendly, go with the Tesla Model S, not the Prius!

Source (Zimbio)

4 Responses to David Beckham’s Driving a Prius Now?!

  1. ceebang says:

    He wanted to feel poor for a day…Allow him.

  2. Car News says:

    He’s got the money for it! 🙂

  3. Tesla Fan says:

    His sons face “i dont wanna get in that”

  4. Marco says:

    Naaah he’s just lookin @ him self in the reflection the way to his black (def black) 4WD or sports car.

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