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Big Cash Big Cars & Big Cats

What better way to compliment your supercar collection whilst simultaneously boosting your status than adding big cats to the equation? A few months ago, Arab, Humaid Abdalla AlBuQaish gained his fifteen minutes of fame by revealing to the world his car and big cat collection via Instagram. Not only does this mega-wealthy young man possess a lion, a tiger and a cheetah, he’s best friends with them. Whilst they like nothing better than using expensive Italian machinery as climbing toys, they also reciprocate the love and affection Humaid Abdalla AlBuQaish gives to them.

For the rich men of the Gulf nothing says ‘I’m loaded’ quite like taking your pet cheetah out on a speedboat. A cheetah will set you back tens of thousands of dollars, whilst a rare white lion will go up to $50,000 – although this is a drop in the ocean for these mega-rich kids, the cats will add around 400-lbs in weight should they take them out for a spin. 

This does seem a little cruel, but the cats are loved and treated well, and luckily for their owners, the Ras Al Khaimah Wildlife Park in the United Arab Emirates will always be there to adopt should you end up looking like a joint of meat to them.

James Harris is an automotive writer who can be found at Gargling Gas

10 Responses to Big Cash Big Cars & Big Cats

  1. Emkay says:

    That’s one crazy dude! Nice collection and the pictures made me laugh so I’ll give a thumbs up!

  2. Erik says:

    You should not walk on your car.

  3. Ace says:

    That’s weird. I thought this was “CELEBRITY cars blog”, not ” rich off daddy’s oil sandnigger car blog”

  4. john says:

    hope one of those beasts mauls that mofo apart. he has no business keeping wild animals like that as toys

  5. CrazyMTF says:

    Your kind of late these pice are mad old I saw these on Rich Kids Of Instagram

    • ice says:

      Hey kid, we don’t all have the time to sit online in our parents house all day. Unlike you millenials, we work… 40 hrs…. its funny cuz u live @ mommys

  6. Yoda says:

    I see this guy getting a lot of fame recently for both his autos and his cats. To each his own but I would be worried about safety first. Much to learn he does have.

  7. defiant says:

    Why do towel heads live in the 80’s !?! Lol! Its so funny when they act and pose like they are some kind of tough guys, yet they like gold, white marble, tigers and sweat suits. You can’t buy CLASS!

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