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Oops! Sean Kingston’s Bentley Gets Repo’d

Well this is embarrassing. Sean Kingston was enjoying a night out in Los Angeles when his Bentley Mulsanne was repo’d right on Sunset Blvd. The video is really blurry so it doesn’t show a lot but you’ll get the idea. Sean was not happy to say the least!

Sean with his Bentley Mulsanne.  sean kingston bentley continental
Source (TMZ)

7 Responses to Oops! Sean Kingston’s Bentley Gets Repo’d

  1. James says:

    LOL. HILARIOUS. What a fucking loser. Stop trying to pretend you’re rich when you’re not. Act your wage and buy an Acura or something. What you can’t afford, you can’t afford.

    Complete idiot.

  2. Emkay says:

    Hahaha unbelievable! And apparently the exact same thing happened to his G55 a day later…

  3. JP says:

    What? I thought these guys pay cash for these cars.

  4. Matt says:

    His net worth is 2 millions dollars. He owns a Range Rover, G55,G63, an aventador , an SOS ,s550, mulsanne and a continental gt, it makes sense something’s getting repoed

  5. Knox says:

    Being worth only 2 million won’t go far when you try to live like your ultra rich. Guess he proved that.

  6. Saul says:

    He only has him self to blame for this embarrassment. Having a net worth of 2 mill is impressive, but “buying” a Continental GT, Range Rover, Muslane, cache of Benzes, AND a Aventador is dumb.

    I’d be happy with a new Stingray tuned by Henesey and a truck. But that’s just me. Tyga’s next lol

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