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Only Paris Hilton Would Match Her Outfit To Her LFA

It wasn’t even by mistake. Paris actually shared a paparazzi photo on her Instagram account with the caption “matched my outfit with my car today”. SMH…

Source (Zimbio)

2 Responses to Only Paris Hilton Would Match Her Outfit To Her LFA

  1. Ace says:

    Lfa is a solid car, from style to performance. She’s like one of the only celebs I’ve seen with one. Weird how you don’t see many other people with these.

    • Xiong says:

      Well to start off Toyota *Cough* I mean Lexus actually Pays and gives popular celebs to drive around their products as to market them to fans of say the “Kardsashian’s” in Paris Hilton’s case she was given the car for free since she would not buy one out of interest when she has Porsche’s Ferrari’s and Lambos. Did I mention the Bugatti?? Anyway she has since sold the Lexus to some business exec in Dubai, I wonder if Toyota is asking for some of that money now LOL!!! It’s not weird that you don’t see people in many of these because at the end of the day it’s just a Toyota. Not that Toyota is a terrible product but it’s just a brand that is viewed as a wannabe and copies cars that have already built heritage and reputation. : )

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