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Afrojack Puts His Aventador Up For Sale

I guess the Aventador was just too much for DJ Afrojack. Less than a year after buying the matte black Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, it’s sitting on a sales floor with a price tag of 385,000 Euro (roughly 525,000 USD).  Maybe he’s just loving his new Audi RS6 too much now.

Afrojack Lamborghini Aventador

Source (autoblog.nl)

Shout out to Guillaume for the tip!

3 Responses to Afrojack Puts His Aventador Up For Sale

  1. Emkay says:

    He will most certainly not get a celebrity bonus so this car is worth under 300k Euros.

  2. Audi RS5 says:

    sell every car and just get a Tesla

  3. Jeff Moyer says:

    This vehicle is amazing I’d be depressed to have to part with it….

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