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Dan Bilzerian – That Guy You Want To Be

I had no idea who Dan Bilzerian was until this month. I didn’t see him on TV or read about him on a blog but instead saw some friend on twitter retweet some of his photos. That’s all I needed, I wanted to know more.

By the looks of it, Dan joined the Navy in the late 90’s and afterwards became a professional poker player and received airtime during six episodes of the World Series of Poker in 2009. By the looks of his Instagram, Dan is doing pretty well for himself and has a host of cars we would all love to have.

Dan Bilzerian AC Cobra suck it

Dan’s AC Cobra with the SUCK IT license plate
Dan Bilzerian mirror finish cobra

Dan Bilzerian AC Cobra suck it

Eleanor Mustang
Dan Bilzerian Eleanor mustang

dan belzerian lamborghini aventador

6 Responses to Dan Bilzerian – That Guy You Want To Be

  1. Tony S says:

    WTF?! How can a relatively unknown Professional Poker player be rolling a garage this hard? Even the top well known poker players don’t have a lineup like that. I’m going to go with not all of those cars belong to him.

  2. Ace says:

    I’d take the Cobra. That thing is sexy!

  3. CrazyMTF says:

    I remember seeing an all black Cobra and it cost 900k I was like shit Marlin Monroe and JFK better have been in this car if I’m gonna spend that much on it.lol

  4. trevor says:

    The money comes from his Dad who is a crazy successful hedge fund manager, Dan just spends the money, and has bit parts in movies.

  5. CB Silverman says:

    That guy Sam he’s standing with in the first pic owns the Carrera GT and the matte grey Ferrari California in the background, he lives up Doheny in the bird streets of West Hollywood across the street from me, cool guy. I’ve also met Dan and he’s kind of a looser, from what Sam told me he inherited money from his father who pretty much scammed his way through some major hedge fund takeovers which is all fine and well but his attitude is lame even for someone who had earned the money themselves.

  6. CB Newsome says:

    His dad actually lost pretty much all of his money with legal issues and declared bankruptcy, he was in debt for around $140 million similar to Jordan Belfort (Wolf of WallStreet)

    Dan is in hedge funds now as well and also makes a few mill in a lot of his poker games, one of which was a single game of heads up in which he won about $10 mill, right now his networth is around $100 mill though for some reason he posts quite a lot of stuff he doesn’t own on instagram, a lot of it is actually owned by friends of his – We have a mutual friend who actually owns that Carrera GT, Fisker Karma and the Ferrari California as well as the house in the hills and private jet shown in a lot of his pictures

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