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The Man Who Bought One of the Most Expensive Lamborghini

Meet the man who just paid over $4 Million for a Lamborghini Veneno. Kris Sing ordered the car over 1 year ago. He’s not shy about the purchase and also seems genuinely in love with the car.

Full video after the jump!
Kris Singh

9 Responses to The Man Who Bought One of the Most Expensive Lamborghini

  1. chiguy says:

    Awesome! This guy seems really cool and genuine. I’m happy for him! And, his car is beyond badass

  2. Ace says:

    It’s just good to know some trashy rapper didn’t get their hands on it

  3. jay-v says:

    He’s one of the senior VP’s at Master Card. Good to see he’s a passionate car guy.

  4. Jon@ Car Mechanic says:

    Wow! this guy is definitely rich to bought such lamborghini. Anyway, admit it or not obviously he could afford that and I’m happy for him. At least he has that money to splurge on this kind of expensive thing, however I do hope he also do some charity works.

  5. Prince Singh says:

    Come on CCB at least get the guy’s name right, it’s Singh not sing -_-. I know it may not matter to a lot of people but that name carries a lot of history behind it and has a significant meaning to it. It means Lion and represents the warrior class of India’s Sikhs – so next time do us a favor and go back to the basics of writing by making sure you reread your work and edit it before publication.

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