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Video: Ellen Surprises Portia With Her Favorite Car

So the story goes like this: Portia’s always wanted an old Land Rover Defender. Whenever she and Ellen are out and they see one Portia can’t stop talking about it. So what do you do when you’re Ellen and you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for Portia? You find one, ship it to L.A. and then set it up in a shopping center parking lot with a bow on it to surprise her. While they were walking to the shopping center, Ellen started filming Portia so she could catch her reaction — check it out below.

3 Responses to Video: Ellen Surprises Portia With Her Favorite Car

  1. Ryan says:

    The Defender is awesome. Too bad it will have to live its life in LA traffic from now on….

  2. RnD says:

    Wonder if its an auto. Dont think they sold many of those. I think this is one of those attractions where she liked the purity in a sense and ruggedness of an offroader but has yet to discover the lack of power, the uncomfortable manual in traffic, the jumpy ride and how inappropriate it is to drive purely on asphalt. Its not a leather, automatic, fancy schmancy G-class.

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