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Spotted: Anne Hathaway In a BMW i3

Anne Hathaway and her husband were spotted driving around Los Angeles in a BMW i3 recently. Can’t say I’m a fan of the looks of this new electric ride but when you’re a celebrity and automakers just give you loaner cars (to bring free public relations and marketing) why not take it for a spin.

Source (Zimbio)

5 Responses to Spotted: Anne Hathaway In a BMW i3

  1. Tesla Fan says:

    we all have eyes and if your not blind were seeing the same picture and there is absolutely nothing unappealing about the looks of the car, it looks great and is even better looking in person, obviously you havent seen it in person or have driven it, very fast and a head turner

    • andrew says:

      @teslafan to say that it’s a “head turner” is accurate only because there is nothing quite like it on the roads so it grabs attention. I saw one in Orlando a few weeks ago and frankly I was shocked to see that BMW would put their name on something so…unaesthetic. I mean sure it has some sleek lines but as a whole it’s just not doing it for me; but to each is own

    • bro says:

      very fast? maybe a lot of, what would be called torque, we will call it pick-up. its electric! I am not sure if this comment has any worth haha. I am with Andrew on this one.

  2. Theo says:

    Actually i have seen the i3 in real life and i think it’s ugly. I surely would take it for a spin but i i definitly wound’nt want to own one. Don’t like electric cars in general. To each his own.

    • CrazyMTF says:

      People don’t like electric cars not because there electric it’s because designs sucks. Tulsa is probably the only one that had a good looking car but just cause it’s electric don’t means it has to look like ass.

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