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Bubba Watson’s Christmas Corvette

Bubba Watson’s wife surprised him with a brand new Corvette Stingray for Christmas this year. Bubba shared a photo of his new ride on Twitter with the caption, “Wife surprised me with this old Chevy! Thanks @UltimateAuto_ for tinting it so fast! #CorvetteStingray”. What do you think of the new Stingray? I’m loving the white with red interior.

Bubba Watson Corvette Stingray

Source: (@bubbawatson)

Shout out to john for the tip!

2 Responses to Bubba Watson’s Christmas Corvette

  1. Andrew says:

    Love the car. The hardtop with removable panels looks far better than the standard convertible IMO

  2. Jason says:

    I would love some more pictures of the car & some more details on the car.

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