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Caption This…

Cameras caught French-American businessman, club owner, and reality television personality, Romain Zago with his Ferrari 458 Italia -- the same Ferrari we've seen his bikini-clad fiancé, Johanna Krupa with before.

(Photo: The Superficial)

6 Responses to Caption This…

  1. Jcm4494 says:

    “so this is where the air conditioning comes out of”

  2. search41 says:

    “Johanna sat here “

  3. Andreas says:

    wasn´t the one his wife washed a 458 coupe? because the one he´s about to kiss is a 458 roadster. if they´ve got both a roadster and a coupe, i´m about to get really jelous. anyway, love the white paintwork!

  4. Blaine says:

    I wonder what that does?

  5. ThatDude says:

    “Top Gear said there was a SubZero fridge in here…”

  6. SWAGINS says:

    “Mm hmm! I can smell the 565 ponies!”

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