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Soulja Boy Shows Off His Red Bentley Lineup

Soulja Boy posted a photo on his Facebook page over the weekend of not one, but two red Bentley Continentals sitting back to back in a driveway. One of these Bentley’s is probably the one he crashed a while back in Hollywood. What’s better, red on black or red on red?

Soulja Boy Bentley

Soulja Boy Bentley Continental

(photos: Facebook)

Shout out to zico for the tip


14 Responses to Soulja Boy Shows Off His Red Bentley Lineup

  1. Londonluxurymotors.uk says:

    Black on red is nice, but im not sure about the red on red I mean not for a bentley

  2. londonmotorcars.com says:

    The black on red is pretty sweet but the red on red doesnt really suite a bentley continental or any bentley

  3. Good Motherfuckin Music says:

    both suck but red and black

  4. Max says:

    I’d recommend holding off on the car purchases until he can get himself into a better neighborhood.

    • CrazyMTF says:

      Where you think he live in Compton if you go on his instragram he live in a 3 million dollar house.

      • Dope says:

        He doesn’t live in a 3 million dollar house, because the other homes in the neighborhood would also be comparable to that. Who lives in a 3 million dollar home and drives a Honda crv, ford f-150 or Toyota corolla. SB is smart to have an inexpensive house and used bentley. The one in front is his.

        • CrazyMTF says:

          You must be watching to of his old video he has a 2013 Porsche, Ferrari, Lambo, three Bentleys, Bugatti, Rolls Royce Ghost drop may I continue.By the way search his name on this site it really show how late you are.

        • CrazyMTF says:

          By the way he bought that Bentley for 400,000 when it first came out brought it was all over the internet as usual your late.

  5. CrazyMTF says:

    The new one is Soulja Boy car the one he crash that older one the guy sitting on that’s his car not Soulja’s car.

    • bob says:

      the one soulja boy is sitting on is his but the other one is his old bentley that he gave to his friend

      • CrazyMTF says:

        He didn’t give him that Bentley he had it for a while they both rap but that old Bentley that Soulja did buy it’s still in Atlanta it’s all black.

  6. lol says:

    ewwwww is that his neighborhood? how about moving somewhere decent before showing off your tacky cars?

    • CrazyMTF says:

      Brah he’s in a nice neighborhood not every million dollar house in California look like those big mansions you might see on TV some look very plain mostly the ones under 3 million dollars.

    • CrazyMTF says:

      Oh yeah that’s not Soulja Boys house it’s that other guy in the pic house

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