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Shenae Grimes and Josh Beech In Their Smart Car

Shenae Grimes and her husband, Josh Beech were spotted driving around the streets of Los Angeles in their little smart car recently. The only other car I’ve spotted Shenae driving is her Toyota Prius so this smart car is really no surprise. I guess she just likes to keep it green!

Shenae Grimes Josh Beech Smart Car

6 Responses to Shenae Grimes and Josh Beech In Their Smart Car

  1. Awais says:

    Different from the 6 series she drove in 90210

  2. Hov says:

    no daytime running lights though???!! that makes the smart 1000x cooler! nice color tho same one i have except i have the drl’s and mines electric, the smart car is the funnest car you can drive

  3. Hov says:

    smoked a bmw 335 a couple weeks ago at night in my smart, completely caught him off guard, then at the next light he floored it but i didnt cuz i already showed him what i could do and the sound of his struggling gear shifting was hilarious…. never a dull moment in the smart all the people that knock it have absolutely no idea what their talking about, ignore ignorants

  4. Mike Wilson says:

    Oooooo,It looks so cool,really a nice one she has there.The smart green car is so useful,not because it is an environment friendly car but also the size is so perfect for city driving.I just love it.

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