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Kelly Rowland Valets Her Jaguar F-Type

Kelly Rowland just keeps adding more rides to her collection. Between this new Jaguar, her Bentley Continental, and her Range Rover, I have to say she seems to have pretty good taste. Kelly was spotted valeting her new Jaguar F-Type at a restaurant in Los Angeles recently. I’m liking the white exterior with red interior on the F-Type. What do you think?

Kelly Rowland Jaguar F TYPE Kelly Rowland Jaguar

7 Responses to Kelly Rowland Valets Her Jaguar F-Type

  1. Emkay says:

    Love this car! Especially the V8!

  2. Tyq says:

    Waste of a v8. Why give her a car that professional drivers say has too much power for them. She only cares about looks anyhow, so annoying seeing these kind of pictures. Or hollywood mommies with 500bhp amgs for kindergarden runs. Well, if nothing else, when the car is sold second hand, the next owner will be beyond delighted to be getting a car that was basically idled or never exceeded 3,4k rpm.

  3. Hov says:

    it uses gas so how is it anything special

  4. CrazyMTF says:

    Not my favorite car it’s to small for me I like the XK’S more.

  5. Brandin says:

    The Bentley is not hers, it belongs to Serena Williams, she was driving it because Serena had underwent a foot operation.

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