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Video: Inside Floyd Mayweather’s Car Collection

I knew Floyd Mayweather had good taste when it comes to cars but I had no idea just how many cars he actually has. The video below highlights the car collection he has in Las Vegas but like he says in the video, it doesn’t show his collections in L.A., Miami, and everywhere in between. His Vegas collection includes, a Ferrari 599 GTB, Ferrari 458 Spider, Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti, Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe, Bentley Mulsanne, Rolls Royce Phantom and last but not least, his favorite, a 1996 V12 Mercedes-Benz 600. Must. Be. Nice. Which one would you take if you had the chance?

Source: YouTube

Shout out to G for the tip!

Update: AUTOFLUENCE did a great breakdown of Mayweather’s car here.

floyd mayweather  bentley mulsanne


floyd mayweather Rolls royce Drophead


floyd mayweather  Ferrari 599


floyd mayweather  ferrari 458


floyd mayweather  RR-Phantom


floyd mayweather 1996 mercedes s600


floyd mayweather  lamborghini aventador


floyd mayweather  veyron

14 Responses to Video: Inside Floyd Mayweather’s Car Collection

  1. Brandon says:

    He will be broke soon and losing his home, like all of the other athletes who buy cars and other bullshit instead of investing or building equity.

  2. JP says:

    I wonder what the personal property tax is?

  3. GWB says:

    Be objective, don’t be a hater, aspire to do more with your life!

  4. Ace says:

    Better enjoy them now, because with the way he blows money, he’ll be lucky if he can afford a mustang within the next decade lol

  5. B says:

    Haters always quick to say somebody gonna go broke, they must’ve forget he just made $41,000,000 last night.

  6. True teller says:

    You guys are fools. Didn’t you see the special where he showed 123 million in his account. You fail to understand the Camelot fight was a guaranteed 45 million BEFORE PPV SO HE MIGHT EARN 80-100 after its done. Second his house is fully paid for. He paid cash. So he can splurge

  7. Jajahah says:

    He pays cash for his cars. and he stated that he paid cash for his home

  8. jamesuk says:

    he might keep his money or he might lose his 100 million dollars like poor old mike tyson. So you are right and wrong, though why you care is beyond me.

  9. jamesuk says:

    apologies, mike tyson ended up bankrupt after earning an astounding $328 milllion over his fighting career, which with inflation and stuff is probably a little bit more than that now, Thats shocking really. I hope Mayweather keeps his money rather than letting the lawyers get rich. Complain about laywers, not people who actually earn their money. Not that i think he is a nice guy or anything. He could help the people who are gonna get robbed of the healthcare bill tonight. Well done America!

  10. Watesh says:

    and he just made more millions…. he should now have a collection of planes

  11. FRankBAnk says:

    He doesn’t pay cash, remember the Maybach he let go and the lenders filed a lawsuit….

  12. haddy says:

    This boy works hard and he earns it,he paid off his house now is buzy with biggest boxing gym in the world,this boy is a brand stop jealousing him….!

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