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Victoria Beckham’s Blacked-Out Jaguar

We spotted David and Victoria Beckham driving around L.A. in a Jaguar XJ a while back but it wasn’t blacked-out like this one. Maybe it’s the same one or maybe it’s a new one, either way Victoria’s behind the wheel now and she’s looking good! Victoria was spotted driving around L.A. in the blacked-out Jaguar earlier this week.

Victoria Beckham Jaguar

Photo Source: Zigazig-ha.com

Shout out to Dani for another great “Beckham spot”!

5 Responses to Victoria Beckham’s Blacked-Out Jaguar

  1. Jcm4494 says:

    They have such good taste in cars and this is just another representation of that

  2. Hov says:

    to make that 1000000x better get a blacked out model s instead of that rip off gas guzzler

  3. Wonderful Joko says:

    my dream car……..i really nice anyway..

  4. HJ says:

    thats the sexiest car ive ever seen with 4 doors too bad most ppl cant afford a 160k car like that.

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