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Laurence Fishburne Shows Off His New Tesla

Actor, Laurence Fishburne was spotted showing off his new Tesla Model S to his friend and actor,¬†Harold Perrineau over the weekend. From the looks of it Fishburne is pretty happy with his new Model S just like all the other celebrities we’ve seen with the car already.

Laurence Fishburne Tesla Laurence Fishburne Tesla Model S

(Photos: Zimbio)


7 Responses to Laurence Fishburne Shows Off His New Tesla

  1. William says:

    Nce, but he should have chosen the black wheels…

  2. nitrous oxide kits says:

    wow… awesome tesla.. is that the 2013 version?

  3. Emil Klein says:

    Tesla makes some damn nice cars! You cannot be anything by jalous of those who manage to have such a succes that they can afford these cars. Your topic of “top 10 cars that the celebs will drive in 2013” didn’t help either… :b

    • Howard MARKS says:

      Whoever buys a MODEL S or MODEL X when they come out are doing a positive thing for the rest of us by enabling TESLA to reach Elon’s biggest goal of the MODEL E 3rd generation 35K car. To those who say $35K is still too much you need to understand this.
      It is only the same as $16K gasoline car and even more so for us Europeans where petrol costs a lot more. Right now a person buying say a 16K or 20K car on monthly payments as most people do is paying two sums. One to Big Auto/Big Bank and one to
      Big Oil/Big Gov. A single monthly payment pays for a TESLA and it costs like three bucks to charge from zero to full or two bucks to top off from half used. Done mostly at home.

  4. Audi RS5 says:

    nice best car ever made

  5. Emkay says:

    Nope. Made in Germany = Quality
    Though it does look nice

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