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Who is Yo Gotti

Today I stumbled into Yo Gotti who appears to be a wrapper from Memphis.  I’ve never heard of him before but after scanning his Instagram for a bit, it looks like he’s been doing big things for a while.

So what’s his story and why is he flossing such sick whips? See more here

yo gotti standing on rolls royce

6 Responses to Who is Yo Gotti

  1. Kylin says:

    He was one of, if not the hottest rappers from 2003 to 2009. He had huge hits, and made a whole lot of money, even thought he released his first studio album in 2012, which flopped.

  2. CeeBang says:

    He’s a rapper and not a wrapper.
    Yo Gotti has been around for a while but he isn’t really that famous. I personally like his Bentley CMG Edition. One of the dopest Bentley’s.

  3. Hov says:

    lol Yo Gotti has been around for 13 years he’s not good but has had a few bangers

  4. ThatDude says:

    Yo Gotti is an independent rapper who’s been around for more than a decade. He’s generated big sales for his mixtapes, independent releases ( in the tens of thousands on several occasions) & touring which focused on smaller markets rather than metropolitan ones. A fixture from Memphis (TN), he is part of a few artists who chose to remain independent & make their mark on that scale where they get more control & more money a la E-40. Head of his CMG label, he receives accolades from Lil Wayne & Drake among others

  5. Phantom says:

    Yo gotti is a faggot

  6. andy says:

    He’s the king of Memphis

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