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Teodorin Obiang’s Car Collection Is Officially Gone

If you recall back a couple of years ago, there was a story of a super loaded dude in Africa that had his little car collection seized. Well it turns out his cars were recently auctioned off and someone scooped up an Enzo, a Maserati MC12, a Ferrari 599 GTo, more than 1 Bugatti Veyron and a few other cars for a cool $4.4 million (USD). I’d like to say it sucks to be him but instead I will say that it sounds like he got what he deserved and I think he had a pretty nice life up to this time.

Source: Autofluence

2 Responses to Teodorin Obiang’s Car Collection Is Officially Gone

  1. newportconvertible says:

    Very fantastic cars , i like this car

  2. Adrianne Maxwell says:

    Ferrari and Buggati are just fabulous and awesome. I love both of them.

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