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Joe Simpson Drives Around In His Mercedes SLS

Obviously Jessica Simpsons dad, Joe Simpson isn’t short on cash. Joe was spotted taking in the L.A. sunshine this past weekend in his black Mercedes Benz SLS. Who knew he had such great taste in cars! It’s just too bad the interior’s beige.

Joe Simpson Mercedes Joe Simpson Mercedes SLS Joe Simpson Mercedes Benz SLS

4 Responses to Joe Simpson Drives Around In His Mercedes SLS

  1. jj says:

    thats a sls gt isnt it?

  2. jay v says:

    The SLS convertibles are pointless. The charm of the SLS coupes are the gullwing doors. The SLS verts are just ugly IMO.

  3. Reforma says:

    Looks brilliant! shame it loses the theatre of the gull wing doors, more practical though I suppose!

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