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Hell Has Frozen Over – Matt Farah Buys a Volt

Yes that’s right, creator of Tuned on /Drive has leased himself of Chevrolet Volt. I can only assume this means he’s added another car to his Los Angeles based automotive arsenal but who knows, perhaps he’s retired his Corvette or Ford Raptor but I personally doubt that. In a comment on Instagram, I couldn’t help but laugh when I read a comment from Matt that said, ‘Yeah, if I had enough money I’d be rocking a model S.” Now Matt, I don’t think I need to break this down but you can probably afford a Tesla Model S.

Ford Raptor = $40K
Your Vette = $10-$20K (I don’t know much about your Vette but I have to imagine it’s worth at least 10K)
BMW X5 M = $55K-$60K
Aston Martin = $20K+ (Again, I don’t know much about it but I would assume there is someone willing to pay something for it )

matt farah chevrolet volt

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