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Flo Rida Posing In Front Of A “Bugatti Killer”

Flo Rida Tramontana

The second Flo Rida posted this pic on Instagram this past week we received 8 tips in a matter of minutes.  We’ve held off on talking about it because in all honesty, we don’t believe it all that much.  We’ve been trying to see what the deal is with Flo Rida posting up in front of the V12-powered Tramontana XTR but we haven’t learned sh*t.  That’s the story.

One Response to Flo Rida Posing In Front Of A “Bugatti Killer”

  1. mason says:

    Not a bugatti Killer top Speed in a V12-powered Tramontana XTR is only 214, the bugatti top speed on record is 267 MPH.

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