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Chumlee’s Lincoln Continental

Chumlee cruising with Danny "The Count" Koker

Chumlee cruising with Danny “The Count” Koker

Whilst loveable buffoon Chumlee spent his Pawn Stars earnings on a Rolls Royce, a Maserati and enough shoes to put Kim Kardashian to shame, this extremely cool Lincoln Continental sat dormant at Count’s Kustoms storage shed.

Before TV hits Pawn Stars and Count’s Kustoms were even thought up, Danny “The Count” Koker took in Chumlee’s Lincoln as a restoration project. However, after Chumlee’s money ran dry, the team stopped working on the car.

A decade on, with both celebs at the height of their fame, the two came together on Count’s Kustoms to finally give the Lincoln what it deserved.

Chumlee was eventually presented with this achingly cool ride. This low rider maintains its original integrity whilst the oversized 22” chrome wire rims bring it into the 21st century.

Although Chumlee wants to flip it for cash, out of all his cars, this is the one I think suits him best.

Chumlee and The Count


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