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Nyjah Huston Picks Up A New Audi R8

Last month I read that Nyjah Huston had won more skateboarding prize money than any other skater in history. So even though he’s only eighteen years old, why not buy a brand new Audi R8 V10? Nyjah posted a picture of himself next to his new R8 on Instagram over the weekend. Not bad for an eighteen year old!Nyjah Huston Audi R8

3 Responses to Nyjah Huston Picks Up A New Audi R8

  1. Good Motherfuckin Music says:

    all he does is skateboard and can afford an audi r8, when other people are working their asses off just to make minimal wage, this is whats wrong with the world

  2. El Ese Loco says:

    Seen this dude over at Elevated Auto Concepts… With dis same car!!! Wrapping it homies!!!

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