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Drake Steps Out In A Bugatti

Drake took delivery of a new Bugatti Veyron recently and was spotted cruising around the streets of Toronto the other day. His Bentley Supersports is nice but this is on another level. Take that Chris Brown.

Drake Bugatti

Drake Bugatti

17 Responses to Drake Steps Out In A Bugatti

  1. Ryan says:

    Chris Brown already has a bugatti, doesn’t he? You shoulda said Tyga or Justin bieber or Sean Kingston etc.

  2. CeeBang says:

    I guess he woke up in a new Bugatti.

  3. Ricky says:

    Started from the bottom now we here!!!!!!!!!

  4. RIANF1 says:

    Yea but Chris Brown’s Bugatti is a 2008 I believe. Judging by the updated grille, wheels and headlamps, I am assuming that Drakes is a much later model if not a brand new one. Not to mention Drake’s car has a better color combo and just a classier dude all together than Chris Brown.

  5. Audi RS5 says:

    buagatti’s are shit, such a waste of money, tesla is better than it and u could get 9-10 teslas for the price of 1 veyron

  6. Jesus says:

    People need to shut the fuck up about stupid tesla

  7. Arthur says:

    That’s a Sang Noir edition. I’ve seen this exact model in Toronto before, but different owner. Maybe that same guy sold it to Drake. There are only 15 Veryron Sang Noir editions in the world. I’ll be surprised if both were owned in Toronto.

  8. Jim says:

    Was owned by someone before Drake, for about 2 years He purchased it used closer to 1.6 m.Still awesome but no need to lie to try to be cooler.Car has been in Rally for Kids with Cancer 2 years in a row..

  9. Kyle says:

    They haven’t made the sang noir edition (that’s what this one is) since 2009

  10. Mikkingz says:

    Drizzy’s bugatti so fly!!fuck all them hating ass niggaz!!don’t compare them both cuz Brizzy aint gat the guts to spend dat kind of money on a whip…… #Word

  11. martin says:

    Brown does not even own one. One that Drake has is a gift from Birdman and it is brand new valued at 2.5

  12. Random guy says:

    That is a Sang Noir. 100x better then Chris Browns, and less the 20 world wide.. Its also the same car you’ve seen at the Rally for SickKids the past couple of years.

  13. John Smith says:

    If it means anything, it came from Weissach/Lamborghini of Vancouver


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