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This Is How You Roll When You’re Birdman

No roof. NBD. Birdman shared this photo on his Instagram over the weekend of his Maybach Landaulet.

Birdman Maybach

3 Responses to This Is How You Roll When You’re Birdman

  1. mark says:

    you’d think he could afford a better beer

    • diana says:

      He likes what he likes, who cares about getting a better beer, anyone can get a better beer but not everyone can afford the cars he has. This sat I saw a rolls and a maybach in a taco bell parking lot, obviously those patrons can afford a lot more than taco bell but that’s not the point, We all know that but it just goes to show that they are some things they still like.

  2. Regina says:

    I think that when you have that much money, you do and drink pretty much whatever you want.

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