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Alyson Hannigan Puts Her Tesla To Work

The Tesla Model S is becoming a popular car among celebrities but this is the first time I’ve seen a celebrity with the rear facing seat option. Alyson Hannigan has had her Model S for a little while now (first time I spotted her, she was actually plugging it in to charge) but this time she was spotted taking her kids out of the back rear facing seats. Pretty sweet way to turn a good looking car into a seven seat kid hauler!

Alyson Hannigan Tesla Alyson Hannigan Tesla Model S

6 Responses to Alyson Hannigan Puts Her Tesla To Work

  1. Tesla Fan says:

    cute kids, and they dont even know that there in the greatest car, coolest car and most important car ever made

  2. Tesla sucks says:

    Tesla is not greatest car ever made try jaguar e-type or Aston Martin DB5

    • Techart says:

      Try the volkswagen Beetle is probably the most famous, but the mclaren F1 or porsche 911 is the greatest of all time.

    • Howard MARKS says:

      The MODEL S beat the AM RAPIDE S see AUTOCAR on YOUTUBE

      E-TYPE Jag ? are you kidding the bloody thing does not work 75% of the time.

      TESLA is the 21st century …everything else is 19th century.

  3. Rafael de Mestre says:

    Hey TESLA sucks guy, did you ever drive a Model S?
    Most of the petrol heads I know changed there mind after driving one.
    The little amount of stone age brains, who sticked to gas are the children of the men, who sticked to coal driven trains, saying that they miss the steaming sound.
    Well I think this people are belonging to the threatened species :))))

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