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Rihanna Makes Other People Drive Her Around

A while back, Roc Nation gave Rihanna a Porsche Turbo S for her birthday. Just the other day Rihanna was spotted driving riding around in the Turbo S. Guess she’s just too busy to actually drive it for herself.

Rihanna Porsche Turbo Rihanna Porsche

3 Responses to Rihanna Makes Other People Drive Her Around

  1. Molle says:

    😉 Macbook and Porsche matching colour… A womans world, when it comes to car fashion. Love reality photos. A lot of tropical plants. Is that a baby blue bic lighter in ya hand? have you been smoking kush?

  2. Yeezus Christ says:

    she’s from barbados and has a license there, she isnt allowed to get a US drivers license since she’s registered in another country so thats why she doesnt drive, SHE DOESNT HAVE A U.S. DRIVERS LICENSE!

  3. Blake says:

    She is allowed to get her license in the US with a Bajan drivers license and that’s her bestfriend Melissa Forde that’s driving her around

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