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Mario Balotelli Goes Shopping In A White Ferrari

Mario Balotelli was spotted loading some shopping bags into a white Ferrari 458 Italia in Italy recently. I know he has a red Ferrari 458 so this may be the same car with a new wrap. Either way, at least it’s not camouflage like his Bentley GT Supersports.

Mario Balotelli Ferrari 458 Mario Balotelli Ferrari

7 Responses to Mario Balotelli Goes Shopping In A White Ferrari

  1. Nick says:

    Definitely not the same car, if you look closely this is a 458 Spider, the red one is a coupe.(Italia)

  2. Andrew says:

    “Crap…this front trunk is tiny.”

  3. Will says:

    Glad he hasn’t ruined this beautiful Ferrari like he did with his Bentley..

  4. CeeBang says:

    It’s not the same as the red one. He bought this when his girlfriend dumped him.

  5. Yeezus Christ says:

    i see a smart car

  6. A says:

    what the hell was that

  7. E says:

    Clearly not a wrap. When have you ever seen someone wrap the interior frame of a bonnet?

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