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Jonathan Cheban Picks Up A New Jaguar

Usually Jonathan Cheban’s Instagram feed just shows what he’s eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but yesterday he posted a photo of his new Jaguar XJ with the caption, “Just got my new Jaguar for the Hamptons”.

Jonathan Cheban Jaguar

Shout out to Dean for the tip!

4 Responses to Jonathan Cheban Picks Up A New Jaguar

  1. RIANF1 says:

    You must be one of 11 Cheban fans worldwide! Your probably do want to be informed on what he eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner (C**k)

  2. dick says:


  3. Mile says:

    You mean one of his million fans you pathetic loser. He’s on in a 150 countries and has a million followers. Rianf1 is a fucking trashbag

  4. RIANF1 says:

    On what in 150 countries? C**k? He has one million twitter followers because he sucks on the tit of Kim Kardashian. Which she then sucks off the Tit of her dead father which is the only reason of which she bounced to fame. What keeps driving Her, Cheban’s, Paris Hilton’s and the rest of the talentless “celebutard’s” fame and the all important (to mile) Twitter following is pathetic sheep like “MILE” who pump up these people’s ratings, egos and inevitably bank accounts. So you sir are the pathetic “trashbag”. Oh so let me ask you one fore question there anus lips. If Kim Jong Un set up a Twitter account (if he has not already) and gets over one million followers, does that make him a superstar in your eyes too Dipshit?

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