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Ice-T’s “Space Shuttle” Fisker

Ice T shared a photo of his new Fisker Karma while it was at the car wash in Vegas this past weekend. According to his caption with the photo he’s calling it the “Space Shuttle”.

Ice T Fisker Karma

6 Responses to Ice-T’s “Space Shuttle” Fisker

  1. Audi RS5 says:

    he should trash that shitty car and get a model s instead

  2. search41 says:

    it won’t be long until he ghettofys it !!

  3. Dylan says:

    I’m trying to see what rim brand those are ?

  4. Kim Bryan says:

    poor dash controls, limited visibility, a cramped interior, awkward access into and out of the seats, an engine that is noisy when running, long battery recharge times, and a small backseat and trunk. The Karma’s heavy, SUV-like weight affects agility and performance, and the Karma lacks the oomph you would expect.

    sounds like a total waste of money!

  5. Kim Bryan says:

    I’ve seen pictures of a Karma Fisker with 22-inch forged PUR 2WO’s 22-inch forged PUR 2WO’s all over the internet. It’s pretty awesome!

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