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Really Rick Ross???

Rick Ross Mulsanne

72 Responses to Really Rick Ross???

  1. Craig says:

    So ghetto… If I owned any model Bentley, I would most definitely not lounge on it in my sweatpants with my underwear hanging out.

  2. Ga says:

    (dear GA #dontberacist)

  3. search41 says:

    that’s just wrong ! Ghetto, ghetto, ghetto !!!

  4. Hole says:

    Just look, his pants are down to his ankles. there must be a hole in the trunk of that Bentley that he is pooping into…so sad ๐Ÿ™

  5. Joe says:

    Yes, its a very ghetto picture……but there is no need for racist comments #NotCool

  6. John Smith says:

    Really ghetto. AND, he’ll probably collapse the rear suspension if he sits on it too long

  7. Phantom says:

    ^^not racist if its true! They as a society need to get their shit together!

    • Educated & Black says:

      Not true, and EVERY nationality should get their shit together! Duh! Someone sounds like their own shit aint together, where is the picture with you in your Bentley, the prim & proper way? He can afford a Bentley, he’s showing you it’s just a material possession, much like a chair! an Expensive chair! Get a Life!

  8. Phantom says:

    Especially clowns like this in hiphop nowadays that promote drugs, violence and juvenile behavior.

  9. Blackness 01 says:

    Hey Ga, I bet you wish you could afford a Bentley huh………..

  10. Imma says:

    Meanwhile GA and Phantom are worried about how they will make their monthly bills this month, Ross has a Bentley that is almost definitely paid off. Has a house bigger than you will ever have, has access to more women than you (of every race), and way more money than both of you guys combined. Yeah he is dressed pretty stupid with silly tattoos, but when you have money you can do stuff like that.
    Get off the internet and go do something useful with yourselves and maybe one day you will have so much relevance that irrelevant trolls like yourselves can talk crap about you on the internet. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Don't Be an Asshole says:

      Right, of course you do. Or you’re living in your mom’s basement, drive a beat up volvo from the 80s and have been unemployed for the last five years. The funny thing about the internet is that you can say whatever you want, doesn’t mean it’s true. The even funnier thing is how much tougher people become when you can hide behind your computer screen. I would love to see you say all of these disgusting hateful comments to a real person’s face. You probably wouldn’t have the balls. Go back to popping your zits and jerking off to animal porn.

    • Educated & Black says:

      Exactly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My point!

  11. Molle says:

    David Lachapelle like beautiful photo. Vulnerability and sadness in american pop culture. Sotheby’s could sell this photo. Love the ghost smoke, a sign of peace and hope for America. A big “gangster” but still a little boy with his toy car. A clown in a suit is still a clown, the P diddy photo. This photo has the 80ยดs rockstar golden section original cibachrome feel. The palm trees and the Cali milk white Bentley.

  12. Blackness01 says:

    Ga you drive a 328! Lol……. That’s a Bitch car, but of course it fits you. I wouldn’t tell anybody that I’m driving my little sisters car. You must be a Fag! You my man indeed waisted the little money you do have and continue to do so each month b/c I know it’s not paid for. Oh and btw I drive a 2012 Mercedes 550 that I paid for in CASH!! I also have a Master’s degree and I didn’t have to pay any loans back either.

    • Trev says:

      #1 There is No such vehicle, and #2 you cant pay for a vehicle in CASH as the IRS would be contacted by the dealership for anything over 10k, unless it was some shady used car dealer.

      • Joe says:

        Im pretty sure there is a such thing as a 2012 Mercedes S550

        • Trev says:

          Tell me where does it say S550??????Huh?? It says 550, that could be E550, S550, CL550, ML550, G550, GL550 etc etc etc.

          • Rick Ross says:

            Hello my name is Rick Ross, you can tell because I said so on the internet.

          • Jay-Z says:

            Oh hey what’s up Rick Ross, this is Jay-Z.

          • Rick Ross says:

            Hey Jay-Z, how goes it?

          • 2Pac says:

            What up Rick Ross and Jay-Z

          • Hilary Clinton says:

            Oh my goodness I can not believe that I found all of my favorite rappers in one place. This is Hilary Clinton and I am a fan of all of your music. We are so lucky to have so many famous people on this one website and so many people with Masters Degrees and nice cars that clearly have nothing better to do than hang around these forums.

          • carguy says:

            I see what your saying, but any 2012 benz with a 550 is going to be nice…lol. The least expensive one is the E550/ML550, which are still sick cars bro

    • Ga says:

      Nigga please. Masters in what? Sucking dick? Figures. As I said above, come to NJ and then we’ll see if you really do drive a s550, but my guess is no. Why don’t you post up a picture of it? You don’t have one, you say?

      • Ga says:

        Sorry guys, I was being a big fat dick and I am sorry about that. I have a lot of personal issues I deal with on a daily basis. The best way that I have found to deal with my emotional trauma is to live the life that I always wanted, vicariously through these online forums by presenting my life dreams as reality.

      • Alexander says:

        oh now it all ads up, GA.
        NJ + Racism= another greasy Eyetalian.

      • LiLT2 says:

        fuck u bitch

    • LiLT2 says:

      good comeback dat was awesome mercedes rule

    • MZALN says:

      Blackness01 my husband drives a Mercedes S550. The people on this site are clueless.

  13. George says:

    Its really easy to talk shit over a computer screen. Most likely Ga would never say any of these racist comments if there were 5 african americans standing right in front of him LOL. And as for the 328, he probably does own one………….from 1997.

  14. blake says:

    A 3 series???…….thats it? You couldn’t at least get a 5 series? lmao

  15. CdotRR22 says:

    Ga…you cant brag with a 3 series bro…..trust me, ive tried lol

  16. FT says:

    Nice car, nice shoes too

  17. James says:

    Fact of the matter is that none of you will ever buy or even get to ride in any of rick ross’ cars. Keep hating losers

  18. idiot says:

    I think this is hilarious. Wealth is a funny thing, those that have it don’t find the need to justify it. Also, Rick Ross can have whatever he wants, there will always be new money people… not many maintain that wealth. To all the paid in cash comments… well who knows who cares… but many “rich” people finance things when rates are low and they can gain a higher return on their money somewhere else.

    The best part is people who get upset over black comments only to make ones about gays. You can make people equal on paper but not in reality…#ignorance.

  19. Blackness01 says:

    @Trev 1st there is such a vehicle . 2nd you can pay for anything in cash if you have the means to do so my friend.
    @Ga I’m glad that you can admit that you have issues and I hope you seek some guidance. If your dream is to own a 3 series BMW I feel sorry for you son. Dream bigger sport. You will be fine just don’t kill yourself and don’t blow up innocent people.

    • Trev says:

      The fact that you think you can pay for anything in Cold Hard cash proves you are a complete m)ron and probably have little to no money. Also show me a picture of this so called 2012 mercedes 550? The numbers have to have a f”n letter in front of them |diot.

    • Carrera says:

      Hahahahaha an MBA that paid ALL CASH for a vehicle that he doesn’t even know the f”n name of……HAHAHAHA..What business school did you go to? Devry? If a dealer accepted more than $10,000 than they would have to deposit it with their bank, and when the dealer deposited that greater than $10,000 sum the Bank would report them. It is called the fVckin “PATRIOT ACT”……. ever heard of it. Hence the reason you can’t travel with more than 10grand.

  20. idiot says:

    550… is that what you paid for your civic?

  21. Blackness01 says:

    It’s an S550 for you lames, I guess when you not use to anything or you’re living out your fantasy on the wed you don’t understand the language. Anybody that has a Benz would know this. I guess I should have said Mercedes Benz S 550, can you comprehend that? I didn’t walk in with a briefcase full of cash you assholes all I needed was my checkbook. I see you don’t know anything about a bank account either. Paying in cash simply means no debt owed you dumb ass’s!! Idiot your name says it all!

  22. adam says:

    41 comments Damn

  23. carguy says:

    I agree that this is a disgrace to the Bentley name. It is just disrespectful. BTW, don’t label me as a hating loser–my mom has a S550, dad has a GL550 and they got me a BMW 335i convertible 2 months ago. Believe me if you want–or not, I don’t care. The point is, not everyone who things this is gross is some loser living off their parents (I do because I’m 17), some people just don’t like to see the Bentley badge be disgraced.

  24. James says:

    Wait a minute, are people actually that stupid that they think they can’t just walk into a dealership and pay for a 300k+ car with cash? HAHAHa omg where do you idiots come from? Ever heard of a wire transfer?

  25. Gbovine says:

    Wow I haven’t seen such stupid comments in some time I just had to post a response… First off if someone says they’ve got a 550 it is understood that it is an S550 or S 550 same difference idiots.

    Second you actually can walk into a car dealership with a bag full of money and buy a car no it does not immediately get reported to the IRS and yes it does happen a lot more than you think I have a very good friend that sells Ferraris for a living you should hear the stories.
    But I digress the gentleman that bought his car “cash” was just conveying that he did not have to finance his auto purchase.
    In fact purchasing a car all cash has some very specific tax advantages that absolutely none of you besides the man that owns the Benz would understand.
    I could go on but you all get the point… You children on here need to go read a book or two. Educate yourselves and please!!! You’re a bunch of morons. I weep for Americas youth!!!

  26. mike t says:

    Lol, am I the only who doesn’t see anything wrong with this picture? So what, he’s chilling sitting on the back of his Bentley…

  27. GJ says:

    I find it pretty funny that so many are ignorant to tax/Patriot Act laws. So what if they report more than 10K to the IRS if its legal money? They know you have it anyway. When you’re broke you never have to consider OUR KIND of problems. As for “disgracing the Bentley”…fuck that CAR. Wreck it, buy a new one. Its just a car after you’ve had a few nice ones. Now, if we gona get into the whole “what do I have?” convo, here’s my resume… I own 3 businesses that are all doing ok to very well. Im single, black, 41, own multiple properties, have an 2007 Aston Martin Vanquish (that I bought from Mike Tyson), a 2010 Bentley GT Mulliner, a GMC yukon Denali XL, a Lexus LS 460, a Kawasaki ZX-10. No car notes. Lastly, you racist gents should open your eyes. There are bad apples in every bunch. Your stupidity is what has been the fuel to making my businesses successful & keep u talkin shit on the net & me doin beautiful women on quilted leather seats. #KeepUpTheGoodWork

    • CJ says:

      Nobody asked you what you have m)ron, and the fact that you brought it up proves you still live in your parents basement chump.

  28. Justin Bieber says:

    What up, my dawns? LOL.

  29. Bentley Owner says:

    hes sitting on a 2009 Bentley Brooklands. 2009 was the only year they were imported to the USA. Very rare, special car. Far more special than a Conti GT. Only 500 were made in total, if that. 530bhp. 738 lb ft torque V8. Orig retail over $350,000. Now you can pick one up on ebay for under $200,000 with low miles.

  30. Niggastanky says:

    Niggas be all up in yo grill talkin sheeet.

    Stinking food stamp niggas. Go and find some saggy tittied nigga bitch to rape.

  31. Filipe says:


  32. Charlie says:

    So… whats wrong with this picture ?

  33. charles blaze says:

    White fags,catch us if ya can……..Black niggaz..we the BEST*************

  34. mbarysth ismael says:

    Maybach music group fuck all jalous!!!

  35. flossifer says:

    The rear suspension is crying right now.

  36. RKC says:

    Ga and phantom, don’t generalise,my dad coud put you in his wallet and my phone could pay for your leased car so watch your mouth …

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