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Nicki Minaj Rollin’ In A Maybach

Nicki Minaj always likes to make an entrance. Whether it’s in her bubblegum pink Bentley Continental or a bright red Lamborghini, you definitely can’t miss her. Just recently, Nicki posted this photo of herself standing next to a Maybach. I’m guessing this is how she rolls to the American Idol set.

Nicki Minaj Maybach

Shout out to Blake for the tip!

7 Responses to Nicki Minaj Rollin’ In A Maybach

  1. abhishek says:

    the red lambo wasnt hers

  2. JP says:

    She waits for someone to open the door? Douche.

  3. sachin ravichandran says:

    that is not a maybach you idiots ,
    its a lamborghini 600 stretch .

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