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How Many G-Wagon’s Does The Kardashian Family Have

I honestly can’t even keep up with all the various G-Wagon’s the Kardashian family has.  For example here we see Kylie in a blacked out G55 which presumably was Kris Jenner’s G55 with 24 inch Forgiato wheels.

Kris seen in the above car a while back.
kris jenner G55

My guess is that this G55 followed her first G-Wagon (model unknown) that was white.

Kris Kris Jenner G63

So lets stop there for one second. That’s 3 that we’ve placed to Kris. I’ll assume the first white one is long gone and I will assume the black G55 without the updated interior was given to Kylie.

Now onto Rob. We recently saw Rob hop out of a black G550. I really have no idea why he wouldn’t have a G63 (assuming money isn’t a problem) but I will ignore that discussion for now.
Rob Kardashian Mercedes Benz G Wagon

Then we have Rob’s dark blue G550, which I’ll assume is gone.

Then we have Khloe who out of everyone appears to be less in to cars… but we may be wrong. Below is what we believe to be a G550.

Then we have Kim and her G63.

Kim Kardashian G63

And last but not least is Lord Dissick and his 2005 G55.

19 Responses to How Many G-Wagon’s Does The Kardashian Family Have

  1. Andrew says:

    Ain’t nothin’ but a G thang, obviously.

  2. CJ says:

    Should be called the K-Wagon!

  3. ALex says:

    KRIS: she recently got a white g63 a couple months ago and Kylie has said that the black out g wagon that Kris got last year is now hers. The Photo with Kris in the leopard jacket is her white G550 that she had a while back, if you see from earlier seasons of KUWTK.
    ROB: might have Kris’ first white g wagon from instagram photos i’ve seen but definitely does not have the blue one still.
    and Khloe has had the white G wagon for several months but most recently got the new Range Rover! i also am wondering if Kris or Rob got that mysterious 2013 black range rover we saw them in.

  4. J says:

    The rims on Kims and Scotts are niceeee!

  5. Trev says:

    Doesn’t matter how many G-wagons they have. They get deals on them from Mercedes for the promotion because Benz is desperate for attention and publicity.

    • Joon Zhang says:

      Lol Benz ain’t desperate for anything it’s more like people are desperate to be seen in one and own one of the best cars brands on the planet. Desperate for much needed publicity would be a poser car company like for example Lexus which builds imitations. And desperate for attention are the people that drive them they be like “oh hey look at me….I look rich don’t I? Lol! Yeah you rich if your next to a near homeless guy driving an old beat up Honda. Just saying though.

      Don’t worry though, Mercedes and their loyal fans and customers love haters. Ha ha.

  6. truth teller says:

    Nice try Trev.

    Mercedes doesn’t give out free cars unless you do advertising for them. Like John Hamm or Usher. Audi gives out free cars to every celebrity it can.

    Someone here posted a link to Kim K’s leaked credit report and she is indeed financing/leasing it and making payments. It’s under “mercedes benz financial” Free cars don’t show up on credit reports.

    Mercedes isn’t desperate like Audi because Mercedes has been a staple amongst the rich and famous forever.

    • Joon Zhang says:

      Oh yeah no doubt about it, tho BMW and Audi are at the top of the list for the wealthy ballers. Desperate ones are the are more like Infinity and Lexus, they’re making imitations and fugly designs with no charachter. Even companies like Kia and Hyundai got JDM beat.

  7. NOS Acceleration says:

    G series have been favorite by KIM’s family and there is much possibility that Mercedes provides these wagons due to advertisement purpose but any G series has really been favorite to every one and it looks unique when it moves on the road.

  8. lol says:

    except that’s not true, NOS.

    Mercedes does not give them free G Wagens. They pay for it themselves. Check out Kim’s leaked credit file/

    This isn’t Audi…

    • Joon Zhang says:

      Audi Bimmer and Benz own the car game. Anything any car does or has you can bet yur ash one of the 3 did it first. Like a BOSS!

  9. Kendall Jenner says:

    It goes like this..

    My mom: 2013 Mercedes G63, Bentley GTC, Rolls Royce Ghost, 2013 Range Rover HSE.
    My dad: Cadillac Escalade ESV, Porsche 911
    Kylie: My moms old (2011) Mercedes G550 of Forgiatos
    Me: Range Rover Sport Supercharged

    Rob: 2013 Mercedes Benz G550 AMG

    Kim: 2013 Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

    Khloe and Lam: Mercedes G550, Mercedes S65, 2013 Range Rover, Rolls Royc

    Scott and Kourt: Mercedes S550, Aventador, Drophead, Mulsanne

  10. Anil Cherukara says:

    In the first pic of rob’s g wagon, you can see the side exhausts. isn’t side exhaust only for the AMGs? The wheels looks AMG as well

  11. Jason says:

    Next article – How many Range Rovers do the Kardashians own?

  12. Know It All says:

    Rob’s new G Wagon is actually a 2013 G550 that he customized with AMG wheels and dual sidepipes to look the G63–so he can keep up with his family’s much better G Wagons without having to spend a whole lot of money (the guy barely is racking in any income, if you can believe that!). He is also really OCD about how things look as he has said in the past.

  13. Eric says:

    Love the G’s!! If they don’t know what to do with their money they could always buy a Phoenix 1000 Luxury Submarine.

  14. Joon Zhang says:

    Hittin that G spot ain’t nothin but a G thang.

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