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How Many G-Wagon’s Does The Kardashian Family Have

I honestly can’t even keep up with all the various G-Wagon’s the Kardashian family has.  For example here we see Kylie in a blacked out G55 which presumably was Kris Jenner’s G55 with 24 inch Forgiato wheels.

Kris seen in the above car a while back.
kris jenner G55

My guess is that this G55 followed her first G-Wagon (model unknown) that was white.

Kris Kris Jenner G63

So lets stop there for one second. That’s 3 that we’ve placed to Kris. I’ll assume the first white one is long gone and I will assume the black G55 without the updated interior was given to Kylie.

Now onto Rob. We recently saw Rob hop out of a black G550. I really have no idea why he wouldn’t have a G63 (assuming money isn’t a problem) but I will ignore that discussion for now.
Rob Kardashian Mercedes Benz G Wagon

Then we have Rob’s dark blue G550, which I’ll assume is gone.

Then we have Khloe who out of everyone appears to be less in to cars… but we may be wrong. Below is what we believe to be a G550.

Then we have Kim and her G63.

Kim Kardashian G63

And last but not least is Lord Dissick and his 2005 G55.

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