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Bubba Watson’s Hovercraft Golf Cart

Pro golfer, Bubba Watson grew tired of his golf cart so he decided to team up with Oakley to build a hovercraft that looks like a golf cart —  well sort of. It definitely has similarities of a golf cart but if I saw this thing on the course I’d do a double take for sure. I’ve always admired Bubba’s style and individuality when it comes to the customization and choice of his rides but this is really on a whole other level. It’s useful too, the hovercraft golf cart (named the BW1) can “fly” over water and sand traps — you name it, it can probably do it.

I get it, it’s not really a car but lets face it, when I saw the story I figured it’s too cool not to talk about.

Check out the video below of Bubba on the course with his BW1 and see what he has to say about it. You’ll want one too. Trust me.

Bubba Watson Hovercraft

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