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Tiger Woods Loves His Horsepower

Tiger Woods made headlines yesterday when he announced he’s dating alpine ski racer, Lindsey Vonn — and while that’s great and all, what’s even better is that the cameras spotted Tiger getting into his black Mercedes-Benz S65. I love that Tiger rolls in the S65 instead of the S63. Not that the S63 isn’t sick, but lets face it, the S65 is pretty badass. What do you think of his wheels?

Tiger Woods Mercedes S65

Photo Source: Daily Mail

32 Responses to Tiger Woods Loves His Horsepower

  1. Ha says:

    I think the wheels look good. I like the two tone on them.

  2. Trev says:

    You have to be a big time car guy to pay a $70,000 premium for a car with no exterior differences from the S63 and no difference in performance, and no difference in engine noise within the cabin.

    • james says:

      No difference in performance? Are you stupid:? Don’t comment about cars if you know nothing about them…a s63 is a v8 and the s65 is a v12 with 200more ft lbs of tourque and over 100 more horsepower…SHUT UP

      • Trev says:

        Ahhh James everybody’s favorite nut-jub douch–bag….. Sooo you are going to pay 73 grand more for a car that has more HP YET it only goes 0-60 0.1 seconds faster. Plus Motortrend compared both vehicles and they both had 4.3 0-60 times and 12.6 quarter mile. THE EXACT SAME…………. 70 grand for 140 ft pds of torque

        • James says:

          Words can’t describe how stupid you are…those numbers don’t lie and i’m saying yes that 70k is worth the upgrade when you have the money. youtube a race between a s63 and an s65 and you will see the performance difference. Once again, SHUT UP

          • Trev says:

            U mad bro, hahahahahahahaha, remember today’s lesson performance and power are 2 different words. Hahahahahahahaha

  3. Peter_Rahm says:

    Hahahah James “”Power”” & “””performance””” are 2 different things.
    The english language, I suggest you learn it. A v12 weighs a he|| of lot more than a V8 hence the reason it has more “”POWER”” to keep up with the lighter V8. The reason people get the S65 is for status, as tiger lives in florida I am sure you see a few S63 but very few S65.

    • Tyq says:

      What do you mean by “he lives in Florida….see a few s63s but very few s65” ? What does Florida specifically have to do with it? Just curious. If you have the money for a new s63 I dont think the money is really the deciding factor whether you pick a 63 or 65.

      • Peter_rahm says:

        I live in Florida, you see barely any S65’s but a lot of S63’s, Hence the reason he got it…….STATUS SYMBOL learn to read. The fact that you mentioned money proves you know nothing about it. Paying 70k more for a vehicle is a big deal. Tell me when you grow up.

        • Tyq says:

          I need to learn to read lol, learn how to write, perhaps a bit better than
          a 6th grader, though even they know something about sentence syntax and possessive pronouns. You must have some serious ego issues to be so insulting.
          Internet tough guy. Hope you get help dude.

  4. Andrew says:

    I’ve driven in S65s before, and even with the boring automatic transmission, you can still light up the tires in second gear while rolling. The torque is immense, and makes the car a ton of fun (despite weighing several tons).

    Props for the car choice, ‘meh’ on the wheels.

  5. Randy smythe says:

    Purely status symbols. Driven both at smythe Mercedes. Having dealt with the buyers of these vehicles do you m(Ron’s think they care about performance?????? They are luxury barges, and the 4 S65s we sold were simply for the 5 instead of the 3 on the back …… Purely status

  6. 911_gt3_RS says:

    Yeah I am sure TIger walked into a Benz dealership and was like
    “This 5300 pound vehicle is great for performance right?”
    Salesman “No”
    Tiger: “Ohhh ahh well it is the most expensive vehicle in the showroom right, even more expensive that gulling?””
    Salesman” yes tiger this is the most expensive vehicle here”


  7. James says:

    Another argument with trev where I come out victorious…Gotta love arguing with idiots

  8. CJ says:

    I will still get the new Audi S8 over this!

  9. God amongst men says:

    All hail James the smartest most mature man to ever live. His vast knowledge of all things automotive is unmatched.

    • James says:


    • James says:

      unlike you poor people I have actually driven/owned most of these cars on the website and know what i’m talking about

    • Trev says:

      HAHAHA clearly you didn’t up the sarcasm in his post. He is laying it on pretty thick. Hey look guys I’m on the internet I own a 4 bugatti veyron’s and it’s true because I said it on the internet.

      • CJ says:

        Hey Trev look at me I just went out and bought an aston martin one-77, and an Aventador. Man I love the internet, I already feel richer.

      • James says:

        Never said I owned a Bugatti…I do however own a bentley continental, Ferrari 458, and an f430 scuderia…so yeah, once again you look stupid

  10. Tiger knows his cars, always has. Another slick choice!

  11. Uzzyyyy says:

    @James; Achoo! Sorry I’m allergic to bullshit!

  12. Bronson Tyler says:

    Who doesn’t love horsepower? This is Tiger going with his most affordable car after a work out.

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