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Soulja Boy Adds A Bugatti To His Collection

Soulja Boy shared a photo of his new Bugatti yesterday with the caption, “finally got it. I deserve this. Worked hard 5 years str8!”. If only we could all pick up a Bugatti after working five years straight. He better work a few more weeks so he can pick up some new wheels. What do you think?

Soulja Boy Bugatti

Shout out to Dre for the tip!

27 Responses to Soulja Boy Adds A Bugatti To His Collection

  1. Lucas says:

    Seems like a big flashy waste of money to me. This dude hasn’t released a new tune in like 4 years, why not start saving a little money and try to not end up like MC hammer?

  2. cx says:

    It’s not new. It’s pre-facelift model.

  3. zane says:

    Even though its used, i have to say it one of nicest car to own. More than most people could afford

  4. CJ says:

    Ugly color scheme!!!

  5. aj says:

    multi platium recording artist headling tours sodmg recording sodmg gamers teen sensation sold out concerts smart kid million deal with converse first teen on the forbes list 23 million I think he deserves it!

  6. JP says:

    Five years for a one hit wonder?

  7. Joey says:

    I’m sorry but this car is a total waste of money …. Costs a fortune just to upkeep and doesn’t look that great.

    • Nick says:

      Here in Dallas, we have a neighbor a few houses down who owns one of these in a baby blue color. I don’t question him on the cost of upkeep, as it’s really none of my business, but I know he shells out a whopping $30,000 grand for a new set of tires.

      Personally, I think it’s fucking ridiculous and he’s out of his goddamn mind, but to each their own I suppose. It is a beautiful car indeed, but I could do quite a lot more with 2.5 million dollars.

  8. Joey says:

    Also 23 millon dollars net worth with the way he spends his money , buying a Veyron is incredibly stupid.

  9. abhishek says:

    congrats soulja……

  10. Joe says:

    Some of you guys just hate to see other people happy. Stop worrying about CELEBRITIES financial status and start worrying about YOURS!

  11. Guterville says:

    Soulja boy’s rented Bugatti Veyron

  12. Guterville says:

    This blog seems to think if you’re stepping out of a certain car then you must own that car.

    The only people that own a Bugatti Veyron is Birdman, Simon and maybe one or two other people.

    FYI not hate just reality check

  13. BrownTime says:

    The reason soulja boy is worth so more an different than mc hammer is because his song went platinum almost 10 times. He also wrote, performed, and produced the song himself…he made 9 million from crank that soulja boy alone. He has a variety of clothing lines and is still on ASCAP and interscopes pay role..even tho he will probably never release another hit…he did make kiss me through the phone, shoot out, donk, and speakers going hammer..so you can’t really classify him as a 1 hit…his music career is dead now but he won’t be broke anytime soon

  14. Sam says:

    It’s ranted his trying to look all hype n shit like most celebrities Forbes says his worth 25 million maybe his made that much but how much in the bank money he got not much I guarantee these young niggas don’t know how to invest or save for rainy days check him out in 5 years broke as a bitch IRS don’t fuck around

  15. Sam says:

    Rented I’m kushed out

  16. Kitty says:

    Congrats to him!! Just because you don’t hear his music, doesn’t mean he’s not doing anything. He actually has his own line of pc tablets, producer, clothing line, and his own record label. Wish ppl would stop downing our black men and uplift them! He’s doing better than most! Do your thing Soulja!

  17. xtifler says:

    get a lyf nd celebrate wit king soulja

  18. random says:

    Soulja boy had the bugatti for 1-2 weeks then sold it I think he found out it was a bad investment for an 2007 bug that car will need upkeeping and he is blowing through his $45 million from songs

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