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Kylie Jenner Behind The Wheel Of A G-Wagon

In typical Kardashian/Jenner fashion, Kylie Jenner — who’s not even sixteen yet — is already driving around in a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. Kylie doesn’t turn sixteen until later this year but from the hints on her Instagram and now this photo from Rob, it looks like she may be getting her moms blacked-out “hand-me-down” G-Wagon.

Sure it’s a hand-me-down — if you can even call it that — and it doesn’t have a big red bow on top like Kendall’s Rover but she doesn’t seem to be complaining. Check out all the camera’s in there!

Kylie Jenner Mercedes G Wagon Kylie Jenner Mercedes Benz G Wagon

6 Responses to Kylie Jenner Behind The Wheel Of A G-Wagon

  1. hs says:

    Your editing sucks. And so does your grammar.

  2. Audi RS5 says:

    lucky bitch

  3. Joe says:

    She just got her permit last month, and she already has a G-Wagon….FML

  4. jj says:

    has it ever occured to anyone that the reason that kris jenner has both a new g wagon and a new range rover is that one of the cars is for filming and contains 100 cameras and the other is for the 1 day a month she doesnt have cameras following her around….

  5. Jennifer Cutchin says:

    what kind of Mercedes Benz g wagon does Kylie have?

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