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Ice T – You Should Have Just Bought a Mercedes SL Black Series

I’m not to going to lie, when I look at Ice T’s Mercedes SL which I haven’seen since it was in the shop getting reworked, I vaguely see a Mercedes SL Black Series but it doesn’t take long to realize this isn’t even close to being a SL Black Series.

I hate to say it but even though I like Ice T, I must say I hate this car.  All that money that went into this car should have just went to the local Mercedes dealer for a SL Black Series.

Ice T Mercedes SL

4 Responses to Ice T – You Should Have Just Bought a Mercedes SL Black Series

  1. Trev says:

    At least he can still use it as a convertible, and plus the SL black series is not a good car for its price.

  2. Tyq says:

    That and perhaps the ride. AMGs are still grand tourers while black series Id imagine is much harsher ride and more track oriented. Though this car looks pretty uncomfortable.

  3. DJL says:

    The SL is a very comfortable convertible Grand Tourer. The SL Black is meant for people who like to go around corners at 90 Mph with very little in the way of body roll and are willing to sacrifice ride comfort for performance. While the two cars might start off using the same platform, they are essentially two separate cars. The person who might consider the SL Black would likely never seriously consider the SL AMG or vice versa. So while the flared wheel arches do remind one of the Black, I’d never suggest that Ice-T should have just gone out and bought a Black instead of the SL AMG.

  4. Robert says:

    the car was involed in the accident and when he repaired he transformed into a facelift black series body kit thats why he did not buy amg black series because he had the 55 amg k and after the accident he transformed

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