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How Long Until Gavin Rossdale Gets The New Rover?

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani have had their Range Rover for quite a while now so we have to wonder why they don’t have the “all new” Rover yet. It’s probably only a matter of time but then again, they haven’t kicked their G-Wagon to the curb for a new G63 so maybe they’re just fine with what they have.

Gavin was just spotted filling up their Rover over the weekend.

Gavin Rossdale Range Rover

4 Responses to How Long Until Gavin Rossdale Gets The New Rover?

  1. Dylan says:

    That happens to be a 2012 Range Rover. You can tell because it has the most recent taillights with the black backplate. This is entirely different from their old Range Rover. Do you know a thing about cars? Get your facts straight

  2. DB says:

    There is a all new model 2013 Range Rover. This is the old model. The new one have kind of square taillights, not round like this one.

  3. Essay Pro says:

    Maybe they want it to be that way or they prefer uniqueness.

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