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Daniel Craig’s V12 Vantage Birthday Gift

Looks like Daniel Craig is taking full advantage of his “lifetime privileges” from the Aston Martin factory. After playing James Bond, Aston Martin told Craig he could essentially borrow anything he’d like, whenever he’d like. So why not take delivery of a new Aston Martin V12 Vantage Roadster on his birthday. Craig was spotted signing the papers outside his home last weekend.

The V12 Vantage is definitely an amazing ride but we’re not feeling the red — just doesn’t seem to suit the car if you ask us. What do you think? We say leave the red to the Ferrari’s!

Daniel Craig Aston Martin Daniel Craig Aston Martin V12 Vantage

Shout out to Chris for the great tip!

13 Responses to Daniel Craig’s V12 Vantage Birthday Gift

  1. William says:

    Love the V12 Vantage, not sure about the red though. To me Astons are always about understatement , so grey or silver or black would be awesome.

  2. Hs says:

    CCBlog: who gives a shit what you’re feeling and if you “feel” the color. I’m pretty sure you don’t have an Aston Martin, so you should just shut your mouth. He likes the red and that’s all that matters — not you.

  3. Adam says:

    you would think that he would have wanted a Virage, or at least a DB9 no?

  4. Nick says:

    The red is ok. Would much rather prefer to see the classic grey/silver

  5. Balkalolka says:

    IMHO British Racing Green is the way to go. Because even if we know that red cars are faster (from the kindergarten), AM-s don’t need to be the fastest for epic excellence.

  6. Zane says:

    I think i actually like the red. I think because there is enough black on the car to get a bit of a balance.

  7. Logo says:

    It is a great car!

  8. CarBuyers says:

    Wouldn’t argue about the color 🙂

  9. Cyber man says:

    I would have thought he would have opted for the DBS – its still a sunning looking Aston non the less!!!

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