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Chad Rogers’ Gas Saver – A John Cooper Works Mini Cooper

We’ll admit it, we’re Chad Rogers fans and while we would love to hate on his recent purchase of a John Cooper Works Mini Cooper, the truth is that it’s a pretty great little car.  We haven’t driven the John Cooper Works edition but we’re confident it’s a blast to drive.

But here’s our question.  What does Chad need a Mini Cooper for?  Is the Bentley Continental GT not cutting it?

chad rogers mini cooper

7 Responses to Chad Rogers’ Gas Saver – A John Cooper Works Mini Cooper

  1. Andrew says:

    Maybe he’s one of the scant few celebs that realizes it’s much more fun to drive a slow car fast, than it is to drive a fast car slow.

  2. Shae says:

    The car in the photo is a Cooper S not a John Copper Works model. The John Cooper Works models has a logo on the rear of the car saying “Works” in black and red.

  3. Hs says:

    Dude. Do some fact checking and just look at the picture before you call it a JCW. You’re fucking stupid.

  4. Blade_27 says:

    “What does Chad need a Mini Cooper for?”

    Yeah, what would one what with a street legal go-kart?

  5. Stimpy says:

    It’s perfect for Starla!!!

  6. Crystal says:

    Chad, please don’t drive this “slow” car fast lol. You’ve got precious cargo, aka Starla!! Congrats and best wishes!

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