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Leighton Meester And Adam Brody Need Some New Rides

New couple, Adam Brody and Leighton Meester were spotted leaving Brody’s house in his Lexus RX last week. We know Brody’s not very flashy but still, seems like he could do a little better than this.

Adam Brody Leighton Meester Lexus RX

Leighton was also spotted leaving the salon with some friends in her Dodge Charger earlier this week.

Leighton Meester Dodge

Leighton Meester Dodge Charger

Source: Zimbio

Thanks to kris for the Leighton tip!

9 Responses to Leighton Meester And Adam Brody Need Some New Rides

  1. Fran says:

    Well, actually he’s got some style when driving, in my opinion…


    In 2004, he joined the Gumball 3000 race, riding a Porsche Carrera GT. By the way, he was caught in two consecutives speed traps in Spain, and the average speed between them was 320 km/h (198,84 mph).

  2. Famolous says:

    That was actually Adrien Brody, not Adam Brody 😉

  3. Z says:

    that charger is a rental…….no smoking sticker on the glass

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