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The Game Goes For A Red Fisker Karma

The Game wasn’t joking around — he actually picked up a new Fisker Karma — and three of his friends did too. He ended up going with a cranberry red like his Porsche Panamera. The red on beige wouldn’t be our first choice but he obviously seems to love the color. What do you think?

Thanks to The Game, Fisker Automotive had a pretty good day.

The Game Fisker Karma

The Game Fisker

3 Responses to The Game Goes For A Red Fisker Karma

  1. Hobo says:

    The second picture is from the Fisker parking lot. Do you really think they all bought Karmas? Please…
    Game probably got the a free lease for all the tweets he made about Fisker.

  2. Audi RS5 says:

    beige interior is the best

  3. Not a bad whip but has anyone read about the Tesla. Believe it or not lots of people, celebrities included are going electric. Most of the time the luxury models are way to expensive for the everyday joe anyway. Check out car facts about the Tesla and Karma on the Carvelocity Blog.

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