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Miranda Kerr Runs Around In A New Ride

Miranda Kerr has really been breaking away from her Audi love recently — first we spot her in a Prius and now a Jaguar. Miranda and her son were running around Los Angeles yesterday in a new Jaguar XJL. What do you like more — the XJ or her Audi A8?

Miranda Kerr Jaguar

8 Responses to Miranda Kerr Runs Around In A New Ride

  1. Andrew says:

    Miranda Kerr can do whatever she pleases, and I will agree that it’s the best possible decision. Child or not, my goodness, she’s gorgeous.

  2. Tyq says:

    Its a beautiful car. But I hope the 5 liter is enough for her, that kid looks heavy. Put in a few grocery bags and I guess you need it to get up a hill.

  3. Molle says:

    What a wonderfully sweet girl. And a proper english, Indian Tata-group car. Good wibes. Ah` the good life. Bless u 😉

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  5. Kim says:

    She’s so lucky to have a 150k jag xjl supersport it’s just so beautiful.even Megan fox has a jaguar

  6. Ankit singh says:

    Miranda and flyn are too cute

  7. Bill A says:

    Audi 8 is nice but no comparison to Jaguar XJL

  8. thas says:

    wow, I love miranda kerr and jaguars!

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