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Ludacris Customizes The New Range Rover

Ludacris jumped on the celebrity bandwagon and picked up a new Range Rover this past weekend. At least he’s making his stand out a bit from the rest by going with a custom red interior. We usually love red interiors but we’re wondering if this is a little too much red…what do you think?

Ludacris Range Rover

19 Responses to Ludacris Customizes The New Range Rover

  1. Andrew says:

    I’m pretty sure that this is a stock color combination…

  2. yeeeboiiiii says:

    ^ it is a stock combo….. come on celebritycarsblog, get your info straight before you make up all these false facts

  3. T says:

    Stock or not, its not very nice. I could never have a car with red interior. Its just too in your face, uncomfortable and not very relaxing.

  4. RobD says:

    Yeah its the stock Autobiography! Interior is okay, I think the tan interior would be nice too

  5. james says:

    it;s actually a special order so shut up commenters

  6. WPD says:

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  7. Joseph says:

    I really like those wheels

  8. James says:

    UHH, he didn’t customize anything. The red interior is stock. And this is the Autobiography Edition.

  9. Essay Pro says:

    Red interior? Red is not that catchy.. He could have considered any other color apart from this.

  10. LesMiserabl says:

    he could dump that ff for a fc Allday.

  11. LesMiserabl says:


  12. SOSA says:

    @james u fuckin retard the range rover offers red interior as standard if u want it or on some models u pay a little extra to have it , it’s not a special order dickhead

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