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Now This Is Ludacris!

No, actually it’s pretty awesome.

He may own some pretty sick cars but to Ludacris none of them really compare to his 1993 Acura Legend. Yep, that’s right — he still owns his 93 Acura Legend. Back in the day when he was on MTV Cribs, Luda said it was his favorite car — obviously he wasn’t lying because he’s still driving it around. Luda posted this photo on Instagram of the Legend in front of his plane. With the caption, “My plane and my 93 Acura Legend. It doesn’t get much more Gangster than that. Lol.” 

He tweeted this last year, “My 93 Acura Legend has 230,000 miles on it & still running strong. Still My favorite car Out of every single one I’ve owned.”

Check out the video below of Luda’s old school MTV Cribs clip. He shows off his Legend around the 4 minute mark but if you want a good throwback just watch the whole clip. Times have changed!

Ludacris Acura Legend

5 Responses to Now This Is Ludacris!

  1. Andrew says:

    Now that’s some serious mileage on that Legend. As a proper car guy, I’ve got to give him props for still rockin the Acura. It’s definitely got more CHARACTER than a supercar, just not the FLASH.

  2. LesMiserabl says:

    too fufu ,that acura iz.

  3. LesMiserabl says:

    now It has to be a Stock 4s

  4. Matt Steve says:

    I own a 91 Acura legend with 233k miles, best car I have ever owned and would also still drive it if I was as rich as luda.

  5. First Choice Wheels and Tires says:

    And this is why I love Ludacris!

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