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How Many New SUV’s Does One Lady Need??

Kris Jenner has to have it all — all the time — so its really not a huge surprise that she’s rolling around in the new Range Rover. As if her new G63 wasn’t enough, she just had to get the new Rover too. This one’s black but who knows, maybe she’ll have to get a white one too. We wouldn’t put it past her.

What do you think of the new Rover? We’re not huge fans.

Kris-Jenner Range Rover


20 Responses to How Many New SUV’s Does One Lady Need??

  1. Ben says:

    Kris looks nice! I wish I could see the truck more. I guess I’ll just have to imagine it in my mind.

  2. Yeezus Christ says:

    and she doesnt deserve any of it, fuck that bitch

  3. molle says:

    The new full size RR almost looks like a Escalade or a Lincoln. The old RR is more angular, edgy in design. Its dangerous to move away from the old classic design. Ppl like the G wagon 4 a reason aswell. But the new full size RR is totaly luxurious awesome. Rolls royceish interior and Meridian sound. God bless the owner 😉

  4. Mason says:

    I love the new Range Rover and I’d get it several different colors.

  5. james says:

    The previous Range Rover looked WAY better and more rugged and distinctive than this ford explorer looking POS. I would look for a leftover 2012 model over this.

  6. kendall jenner says:

    Thats not her car its mine. this site doesnt even fact check its just a guessing game.

    • Tom cruise says:

      Hahahah anyone can put a celebrity’s name up there! See, I’m Tom cruise and that’s actually my car. Lol dumbass

      • Paris Hilton says:

        That’s hot!

        • Kris Jenner says:

          Kendall shut the fuck up and get back to making me money doll. xoxo

          • Kim Kardashian says:

            You mean me. Everyone knows I;m your favorite daughter. I mean, I’m making you millions.

          • Kylie Jenner says:

            What about me mom? Can I have a car for my allowance? Pleaaaaase I’ll try and make more money for you I promise!

          • Kris Jenner says:

            Ok just for clarification: I buy the exact same car as my daughter Kim in the polar opposite color. I love black & white–it’s everything to me. If you haven’t noticed already my floor plan in my home is checkerboard b&w, my cars are all b&w–pretty much everything I own is black and white.

  7. Jessica N says:

    You can never have enough SUVs! If I could afford it I would have a bunch as well.

  8. Bruce Jenner says:

    Girls, your mother is a filthy whore don’t pay attention to her I still love you.
    xoxo Daddy

  9. Jay says:

    One thing’s for sure. This isn’t the new Range Rover. This is a Sport and is her daughter’s car. You guys should do some more in depth research before making a new post IMO!

  10. WRONG says:

    you are so dumb jay. maybe blind.

    that’s the 2013 full sized range rover. idiot.

  11. Joe says:

    Jay you are a fucking idiot, look at the side view mirror…. ignorance….

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