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DJ Skee Picks Up The New Range Rover

Guess it’s really no surprise that celebrities are picking up the new Range Rover — it’s always been one of the top celebrity rides — and now that they’ve changed the look of it everyone needs a new one. DJ Skee is the latest celeb to take delivery of the newly designed Rover. He posted this picture on his Instagram with the caption ” Finally! Fresh off the boat & through customs from the UK. Still sold out everywhere for months…#2013rangerover #orkneygrey #lifeisgood”

We’ve made it pretty clear we’re not huge fans of the new Rover –while everyone else obviously is since they’re sold out right now — but we do have to say this color is pretty fresh. What do you think?

DJ Skee Range Rover

5 Responses to DJ Skee Picks Up The New Range Rover

  1. Joe says:

    People are so fucking stupid — they’ll believe anything. They’re nowhere near being sold out.

    • Mason says:

      My local dealership has several up for sale, so the “sold out” must mean dealer orders and not direct customer orders.

  2. Robert says:

    The more I see the new Rover, the more I like it. The interior is definitely an upgrade, but the exterior is growing on me.

  3. Cesar says:

    Got mine last week, was on the waiting list since December nice car, very impressed with it!!

  4. nice car pic. it was edited

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