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Chad Ochocinco’s Matte Wrap Obsession Continues

Chad Ochocino loves all things matte black, and matte gray. First it was his Rolls Royce and then his Smart Car. This time he’s got his hands on the all new Range Rover and he’s having the guys at The Auto Firm give it a full makeover.

What do you think of it?

Ochocinco posted this first photo to Instagram with the caption, “I hate cheating on my Smart Car but the ass on “Lady Bug Jones” forced me to purchase.”

Chad Ochocinco Range Rover

And this second photo with the caption “@theautofirm #alexvega Tint my windows I’d like to drive this weekend.”

Chad Ochocinco Rover

4 Responses to Chad Ochocinco’s Matte Wrap Obsession Continues

  1. CeeBang says:

    Actually looks incredible.

  2. Molle says:

    Cool and mean lik Darth Wader! The silver air vent on the side, on matte wrap black. “Frosty liquorice cake” like design… Spokes of the wheels are almost pulled over the edge of the rim. Which makes the rims look bigger. Sharp silver spoke lines will sparkle in Hollywood nightlife.

  3. Brian says:

    Absolutely fantastic truck. I am in love.

  4. Florida Tinter says:

    I do window tinting down in Florida near where Chad lives and I have to say he has great taste in cars. We show clients photos of his rides sometimes as inspiration. Dark tinted windows look great with those matte wraps.

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